A Message from the producer...


The Book and Lyrics for this musical were written by Carl Ritchie. We approached him after having seen the show in Upstate New York and said that it would be amazing to bring his show to Las Vegas. He agreed that WE should do it. The gauntlet

was thrown and we were too enthralled with the show to refuse Carl's challenge.


Miraculously, our dear and talented friend, René Colen, introduced us to the amazing Camille Duskin. She is the Las Vegas Director of "I KNOW I CAME IN HERE FOR SOMETHING." Camille is also President of the Gateway Arts Foundation, and

has worked tirelessly directing rehearsals, planning, managing, and creating to make this an excellent production.


We are ever so grateful to our cast and to all of the talented people mentioned in this website. I hope you enjoy the show as   much as we did producing it. We hope that when you enter a room, any room, you will remember what you were doing there.

  Even Rex Harrison in MY FAIR LADY walks into a room and says: "I KNOW I CAME IN HERE FOR SOMETHING." We

    have all said these words many, many times, making this show so timely, so personal, and so funny.


                         We are here with prayers and determination, that YOU have a wonderful, laugh-filled time.

                                                                                                                                                       - Carole Altman






Original Book & Lyrics: Carl Ritchie, New York  |  Original Music: Wayne Moore, Los Angeles



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